MEDA301: Assessment 2 – Critical Analysis

In the times we find ourselves currently living in with the current state of always advancing technology both physically & digitally, there are so many (always) advancing ways in which we can execute something digitally. Including the way in which we create/ present our art. Artists tend to either take advantage of this technology in their process of art or stick to old processes. Aki Inomata is an example of an artist in which uses it to her advantage.

The 4th of April I visited the “Out of Hand: Materializing the Digital” exhibition at the Powerhouse museum. The exhibition contains works in which examine the place & impact of digital technology. One work in which really caught my attention was Japanese artist: Aki Inomata’s “White Chapel” from his series: Why Not Hand Over a ‘Shelter’ to Hermit Crabs? Series (2014-15).

The installation is presented both digitally & physically. With the medium form of a video presentation & live installation. The digital aspect of this work: The ‘video’ itself is of a Hermit crab crawling through rock pools, a rather ordinary scenario for a hermit crab however in the video itself the crab has a model chapel placed on its back. The physical aspect of this work is presented in front of the projected video. With the use of three glass cabinets. In each cabinet is the actual models of the Chapels as seen in the video. The whole work is set in a dark space with the only light coming from the video & a small light in every cabinet below the models creating a focus point for the audience you’re drawn into the light. The light is almost utopian it’s somewhat glamourous to look at. Especially with the well-crafted chapel.

The interesting thing about these models is that they are 3d printed & not sculptured. This without intention creates a strong impact on the way in which artists execute their works. With sculpture & physically modelling items as a category in contemporary art itself this use of digital technology creates a new medium of art for graphic designers & artist to create models as a mini sculptor would.

“The Inside of a hermit crab shell has a spiral shape, which cannot be realized by hand-carving but only by building layers. I knew that 3d printing was the best suited to do that” (Inomata, A 2015)

Implementing this new digital way of art as advanced & incredible as it is does also create boundaries in which actually physically modelling itself wouldn’t. Size for example. Size has always played a large role in contemporary art in every form. The concept of taking something and pushing it to a giant life like size adds a personified/ realistic element to the work. Many artists have created an identifiable name for themselves using size including Jeff Wall with his photography. With the use of a 3d Printer size could be a boundary as they are only capable of creating something confined to the space/size of the printer. 3D printers are also very pricey & not easily accessible choosing to use a 3d printer in order to create your work could go over your set budget. This is an issue with the current advancing state in technology it’s all great however only a niche of creatives with a budget are able to abuse the use of this technology.

I’ve talked a bit about the boundaries in which are involved with the use of this new technology in saying that this it also creates a whole new spectrum of forms & mediums for artists to create works. There are no boundaries to art really? Using our innovative minds art seems to see no boundaries maybe only in technology restraints. This is similar in the film industry; James Cameron’s idea for avatar was forced to stay an idea for 15 years as he was waiting for the technology to catch up to his ideas. Sure enough it did. Maybe there are some artists who have had 3d printing in mind for years & just held out for it.

 A strong statement in which Aki is taking with this series is her fed up-ness with the current cultural state of architecture in Japan. After travelling and experiencing the architecture of western society, she is starting to believe that all Japan is doing is stealing architecture from every other country in western civilization. “I ask myself, ‘are we Japanese living in a mimicry of western world?” (Inomata, A (2014-15). Why not hand over a “shelter” to hermit crabs Aki Inomata).

Something that fascinated me with this work is the historical context behind Aki’s statement with the work. Been from Japan Aki executes a strong cultural element to this work. The chapel in which the hermit crab has on its back is no ordinary chapel. It is a religious facility however with no actual religious attributes apart from the appearance. It is used only for weddings.


This is strongly touching on the religious culture of Japan in which is almost non-existent with only 1% of Japanese people actually Christians. This is derived from the history of Japan itself which has always tried to abolish Christianity from its surfaces dating back to the 17th century when any Christian found in Japan was tortured & forced to denounce god publically & surrender their faith.

Interestingly enough despite this 60% of weddings in Japan are held in the style of a Christian wedding. This example of the use of Christian styled chapels despite the lack of Christians is what Aki is refereeing to when she questions Japan as a “Mimicry of the western world” (Inomata, A).


(Still from “Silence” (2017) – Denouncing Faith

But what is the relevance of the models to a hermit crab? Hermit crabs tend to change their shells as they grow. They test shells out and if they feel comfortable with the shell they will adapt it as their home.

Some are even forced to exchange shelters with stronger crabs. If the crabs liked the shelters in which Aki made for them they would move into the shelter & carry on with it. This plays with the concept of the Japanese taking ideas from western societies & executing it for themselves.  The crab completely unfamiliar with the model chapel- completely unfamiliar with its structure/ background where it even came from somehow yet likes the model & decides to use it. Just as the Japanese appear to be doing with their architecture.

“My aim for this project was for hermit crabs to be able to move to different cities all over the world and exchange homes. So I chose these cities in order to include as many various kinds of building within each other” (Inomata, A 2015).

With the models not only is Inomata referencing western societies style but the idea of hermit crabs searching for shelter could relate to immigrants from Japan settling in Western Societies. This isn’t the first art work in which Inomata has touched on the topic of immigration. In her “No Man’s land exhibition Aki explores the tension between France & Japan in their history together. The work was ironically exhibited in the actual French Embassy in Japan. Really creating her mark on the topic with the choice of location related to the actual work.

I believe that Aki has successfully perfected her execution of her idea of creating a statement of the cultural appropriation of Japan. I thoroughly enjoyed experiencing the exhibition myself.


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“Out of Hand: Materializing the Digital” Exhibition at Powerhouse Museum (Visited 4th April).
















MEDA301: Project Pitch W6

For my final project I would like to create a video installation. As i am a huge Tarantino fan i would like to create a video of normal everyday objects shot in a style in which Tarantino would shoot it. For example his famous shot of food; Insane close up with the sound of the food crunching made louder than normal creating an almost uncomfortable yet realistic feeling as you watch a character eat.



The problem with this concept is how can i turn this into a story. Also create a way for the viewer to engage with the work. I was thinking of showing different people eating the same food item. To create an interactive environmentI would like to have the actual food item presented in front of the video with a bite in it. Bringing the idea of visual into the physical that i discussed in my week 5 blog post. I believe this will create an uncomfortable environment for the viewer which is the way i intend it to be. I believe this will make my work stand out as the viewer will be able to easily differentiate & identify my work from everyone else’s.


MEDA301: Research Your Project W5

After visiting the “Out of hand” exhibition at the powerhouse museum I have gained some inspiration/ ideas for what form of medium I would like to execute in my final project. As a BDM student i’m strongly interested in using video & storytelling in my work. One work from the “Out of hand” exhibition in which encapsulated these two concepts to me was Aki Inomata’s “White Chapel” from his “Why not hand over a shelter to helmet crabs?” (2014-15).



The installation shows a projected video of a helmet crab crawling through rock pools with a hand built mini chapel on it’s back. Furthering the presentation of this installation in front of the projected screen is 3 glass cabinets in which contain the actual mini sculptures of chapels Aki used for this installation. I’m very fond of the idea of bringing virtual into the physical. Showcasing a video with some sort of physical element from the video in front of the video. I find it brings a strong surreal feeling to the way you experience the video as you can see some physical elements from it. I feel like this is an aspect in which hollywood misses i feel like i would enjoy the experience of a Scorsese or Tarantino movie if i was able to see a real prop or element from the movie as i watched it. Mutual to how we feel about seeing a celebrity in person. You’re seeing the actual person from whatever it is you are viewing.

Taking this medium of an installation i would like to incorporate more video editing & story into mine. Add a cinematic feel to this type of art. Basically  would like to do a video installation in which brings off a well edited cinematic video to it with some sort of physical prop to go with the video.

MEDA301: Making Pathways W4

The creative industry is a tough as far as opportunities go. It is an industry founded on who you knew with the few talented people getting through. As far as editing goes you really need to establish yourself & create your own name for yourself. Establishing yourself isn’t going to happen unless you make it happen, this is why Myself, Joel Dawson & Shaun Carpenter made a freelance video editing company “Three Head Studios” All three of us share a strong mutual passion for video editing and with this company we hope to gain consistant clients & establish a name for ourselves. Creating this company is helping create an opportunity for us to take this passion of film editing & apply it in the form of paid work.


In class Jo asked us to think of a mentor someone who you know/ look up to. My mentor would definitely have to be my family friend Blake Mcintyre. Blake himself is an established freelance video editor with his own company “Bring Into Being” with an office in Newtown NSW. I have aways asked Blake for advice regarding video editing since a young age. I remember asking talking to Blake in year 7 when i was 12 years old asking what software do i use in order to make a gun shot & lightsaber. Last night i hit Blake up for some advice in regards to starting “Three Head Studios” he was quick to reply and gave perfect business advice & advice on dealing with clients, he also offered to give some clients to Three Head Studios this is a big opportunity considering Blake does work for big clients including: Uber & Amazon.

The overall goal with freelance would be to sustain a livable income of just freelance editing.

Meda301: What Moves You? W3

My motivation in regards to why I am here & why I’m doing what I’m doing is Quentin Tarantino. The way Quentin made his films blew me away & made me fall in love with cinema & screenwriting. Quentin’s true genius is shown through his incredible dialog; he can take the most simple thing & make me completely intrigued by it for example the opening scene in reservoir dogs shows just a few characters sitting around a table in a cafe having a conversation about whether or not you should tip the waitress, the scene goes on for 25 minutes but it’s so well crafted that you don’t notice the time flow. It’s also just normal everyday conversation yet your’e so interested in what they’re going to say next. It’s that feeling I get watching a Quentin Tarantino movie that motivates me to create something up to that level & give that feeling to a viewer of my own work.

Still from “Reservoir Dogs”

Quentin was born in Knoxville, Tennessee. Always been interested in film Quentin’s first job was ushering a porn theatre in which he lied about his age in order to get the job. Always been a movie nerd it wasn’t until Quentin met Lawrence Bender at a Hollywood party he wrote his first script after Lawrence encouraged him too. As i mentioned earlier “Reservoir Dogs” this movie is important as far as Quentin’s career is concerned. It was the first movie he wrote & directed. The movie was shown at Sundance festival and was an immediate success. Quentin proved his talent when he came out with his second movie “Pulp Fiction” in which topped the success of “Reservoir Dogs” and to this day is arguably one of the greatest movies ever made. Quentin’s career has been nothing but perfection since with 8 movies written & directed by himself all highly rated & successful. My strongest idol and always will be. I was lucky enough to briefly meet Quentin at the start of 2016 after he hosted an Australian movie night at the Star Casino.


Photo of Quentin Tarantino at the Star Casino- photo by me

Meda301: Research Your Field W2

Video/ Film Editing: 

Much like many different filmmaking practices; Video editing is advancing due to an advancement in our current technology. Video editing wasn’t necessarily needed in the earlier days of filmmaking, filmmakers found that the concept of cutting various different shots of the same scene together would confuse the audience. Not long after filmmakers started to realise that cutting the shots together in face made audiences more intrigued in the film. This style started to be used in early films including “Rescued by Rover” In 1904. The movie gained a lot of attention with it’s unique style to typical filmmaking in the early 20th century. Fast forward to the 21st century & technology has advanced so much in video editing the film industry is now able to explore fictional stories & concepts with the use of animation & special effects. Technology is moving so fast that some people knew they could wait for the technology they needed could come for example James Cameron.

Still from “Avatar” 2009

James Cameron wrote the script for “Avatar” in the early 90’s knowing the technology wasn’t available at the time in order for him to visually execute his idea exactly how he saw it. He put the script away and waited until the technology came available & sure enough it did & Avatar was released in 2009 & to this day is still the highest grossing film ever made making over $2 billion.

Today the way filmmakers edit their films is crucially effective as different filmmakers tend to use different styles of approaching the story visually. This helps differentiate different filmmakers from each other.


MEDA 301: What is Practice? W1

What Is My Field / Practice?

Such a big question to answer however one i need to; considering I am now in my last year of university. The film industry is definitely the field in which i am most interested with and personally aspire to have a job in. The practice of film I’m most interested in is editing & scriptwriting.


Salary: Between 85-100k / year


  • Special FX
  • Animation
  • Filming
  • Sound

Editing is one of the most important fields in the film industry. The quality of the visual is based off how well it has been edited. There are various different types of fields in editing including:

Sound: Making sure all the sound is matched up & syncs in time with the visual.

Special FX: Completed in post production creating realities in which can’t be created with stunts on set or are too dangerous to be created.

Animation: Animation can fall under the same title as special FX in certain live-action films however animation is used in order to create a show based entirely off a fictional world with fictional characters. Animation is used often to create Kids movies & TV Shows.

When you watch a movie most people are mainly interested in the actor but as someone who works in editing it is what the editors are doing behind the computer that makes a film what it is.

Editors are brought into the movie in post production.

The first editor i fell in love with was the youtube sensation: FreddieW. Every video intrigued me more & more. I was around 13 at the time & as a result of Freddie i became obsessed with learning how to create Special FX including Gun shots (Muzzle flares) explosions etc.



My favourite video by Freddie:


Salary varies depending on the job.


  • Screenplay writer
  • Author
  • Skits

The term “Writing” is such a broad word for the extent of importance the writing is in the film industry. With no screenplay there is no film. Screenplay is something I’ve always been interested in. the idea of creating my own story filled with characters in which i invented the whole concept is cool to me.

The screenplay is the first step of the film process with no script there is no film.

One of my favourite screenplay writers is Aaron Sorkin. Well known for the television series “West-wing”. Aaron has a unique style of writing in which has always intrigued me. The first time i was really influenced by Aaron’s writing was after i saw the movie “The Social Network” . The dialogue in which he created for Mark Zuckerberg blew me away. One of my favourite quotes “If you guys were the inventors of facebook, you would’ve invented facebook”.

Aaron Sorkin

Clip from “The Social Network”

Personal Experience

As far as my current personal experience is in relation to the film industry. I have done some freelance editing work as well as some on-set experience.

  • Luxx Nightclub

Luxx is a new nightclub in which opened in Cairns mid-2016. For the club i designed the logo & put together a couple of video promo videos as well as some promotional posters.

tbib .jpg


  • Hacksaw Ridge

I was lucky enough to get a job on Mel Gibson’s latest movie “Hacksaw Ridge as they were filming in Camden NSW. The property in which they were filming on was my mates grandfather’s it was my friend who got me on as a water boy for the actors. Shortly in however i was promoted to direct extras. The experience was like a dream to me.